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Small Scale DAB
Ofcom operated a SmallScale DAB Trial in Brighton, UK between September 2012 and January 2013. This got our attention as our attempts to join the then proposed new Multiplex to cover Gloucestershire, failed due to the model not being appropriate for our business (high costs and the large coverage area). We visited Ofcom's  Radio Monitoring Station in Baldock in November 2014 and were very impressed with what their Engineering Team had achieved with Software Defined Radio (SDR). We believed this was something Ringtone.net Ltd could operate due to the expertise we have built over the past decade in delivery large technical programmes of work.  We responded to the consultation that Ofcom produced (here) and started to plan how we could be involved.

We purchased test equipment (Hack RFs, low powered PCs, Dell Servers etc) and became involved with the Open Digital Radio mmbTools forum and started to get involved. In March 2015 we produced our first 'static file" ETI Ensemble and transmitted it in a Faraday Cage to a radio receiver (under Suppressed Radiation Conditions). It wasn't long before we had a full end to end DAB transmission chain in place with 3 'Programmes' (Radio Stations) included in the Mux (Multiplex). The Faraday Cage was a bit cumbersome to work with, so we have moved to using a direct very low power connection between our SDR peripheral and a software based DAB receiver running on a PC.

We did  apply to become a Small Scale DAB Trial Licence holder however our application wasn't successful.

We already have a working DAB Transmission Chain under supressed Radiation Conditions to comply, with UK Legislation. Watch our short videos:

Our working Testbed end to end DAB transmission chain. (please choose 1080p) Showing Severn FM being broadcast (under suppressed radiation conditions) with DLS enabled. A basic but effective way of montiring your Mod and Mux with SMS alerts..

Click here to see our working Testbed Design

radio list DAB  radio caroline shortname DAB  station list DAB  severn fm shortname DAB 
Severn FM 'shortname' with DLS  text
shown on a Pure Evoke Flow DAB
The infamous Radio Caroline 'shortname'
 without  DLS  shown on an Aves Neon DAB Radio.
3 live Programmes in our Mux shown in
stations list on an Aves Neon DAB Radio.
Severn FM 'shortname' without DLS  text shown on a Pure Evoke Flow DAB Radio. 


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